'The Curse Of Oak Island' Treasure Hunter Dan Blankenship Has Died

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'The Curse Of Oak Island' Treasure Hunter Dan Blankenship Has Died


For years, fans have tuned in to History's The Curse of Oak Island, hoping with each new episode that the reality show's scrappy team of treasure hunters will finally uncover the buried artifacts they're searching for.

But the hunt is over for the team's most senior member, Don Blankenship, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 95.

Blankenship came to fame after brothers Marty and Rick Lagina purchased most of Oak Island, Nova Scotia to seek out the treasure reportedly buried there. On their reality show, Blankenship and his son Dave - permanent residents of Oak Island - helped them search for the treasure.

Dan Blankenship
Blankenship first read about the Oak Island treasure in a 1965 issue of 'Reader's Digest.'History

Blankenship moved to Oak Island himself in 1970 to begin his own search for the fabled "money pit" of antique treasures.

A&E Networks said in a statement that they were "saddened by the loss of Dan Blankenship."

"He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time."

No cause of death was listed in an announcement of Blankenship's death posted to the Friends of Oak Island Facebook page on Monday.

The farewell post called Blankenship "a true Oak Island legend," as well as a "respected and admired man."

"His perseverance, ingenuity and passion inspired us all," it read. "Safe journey, Dan. We will all miss you, and your legacy will be a part of us, always."

While Blankenship has passed away, the search for buried treasure on Oak Island continues. No one can agree just what is hidden below the island, but popular theories include North African gold, priceless religious relics, and even Aztec loot.

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Rest in peace Dan Blankenship.

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