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Off-duty Cop In The Right Place at The Right Time, Saves 4-Year-Old From Drowning

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This story could have had a much different ending. Davie'onna and her mother Kiara Greene, were celebrating the little girl's 4th birthday at the community pool. Somehow Davie'onna got pulled under. Her lungs filled with water and her heart stopped beating.

At the same pool Jeff Haire was enjoying some well-deserved off-time with his own family. The veteran Florida officer has seen a lot in his 20 year's on the force and the day was supposed to bring some rest and relaxation.

That didn't stop him from leaping into action when he saw the "lifeless" little girl being carried out of the pool.


The girl was placed on the pool deck and Haire ran over and took charge. He said he knew how serious it was when he couldn't find a pulse. Others phoned for an ambulance as the corporal in the Bay County Sheriff's Office began chest compressions.

Davie'onna didn't respond immediately to treatment, and everyone began to fear the worst.

"I had investigated several drownings before in my career and the ones that didn't make it always have that foam around their nose and mouth area," he told the local news. "When I saw that on her, I just thought the worst."

Still, he didn't give up as anxious onlookers watching the dramatic scene unfold.

Finally, after several rounds of CPR, the girl stirred.


"I felt her heart go from 0 to about 100 - just like that," he said.

Haire personally carried the girl into an ambulance that had just arrived on the scene, and her frantic mother climbed in the back. They whisked the girl away to hospital, not knowing if Haire had brought her back from the brink in time.

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