The One Medicine I Never Leave Behind On Vacation

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The One Medicine I Never Leave Behind On Vacation

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I have two passions that usually go hand in hand: exploring new places around the world, and eating the tastiest stuff they have to offer.

If you ask me, discovering new flavors and stepping outside your comfort zone with new dishes is a natural part of travel.

So whenever I'm on vacation, you can bet I'm on the lookout for local delicacies and tantalizing new recipes.

The trouble is, I've suffered from frequent heartburn multiple days a week since college.

The pain and discomfort are set off by anything fatty, spicy, or acidic - which includes pretty much everything!

Thankfully, I've found relief by adding Well at Walgreens Omeprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablets to my suitcase, and taking its long-lasting relief anywhere I go.

Omeprazole ODT

Omeprazole ODT treats the same frequent heartburn symptoms as Prilosec OTC, but it's more affordable; which is great, because I'm on a budget!

I also get long-lasting, 24-hour relief from Omeprazole ODT, so if my plans change (which they always do) I know that I'm covered. One dose very 24 hours for 14 days is all you need to complete the treatment regimen.

Bear in mind, Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT can take up to four days to give the full effect, and you shouldn't take it for more than 14 days in a row unless directed by your doctor.

But overall, Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT is so much more convenient than other frequent heartburn medicines I've tried.

Omeprazole ODT

When you're on the road or flying from place to place, it can be hard to find a glass of water, and I know that from firsthand experience.

I've also never been able to swallow pills easily to begin with.

That's why I love Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT: the specially formulated MELTech tablet dissolves on your tongue with a pleasant strawberry flavor. It can't get any easier than that!

For best consumption experience, allow tablet to dissolve on your tongue. Do not chew Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT tablets or dissolve in liquid.

Best of all, Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT is available nationwide over-the-counter, and now available at

Omeprazole ODT

Talk about convenience, there's all kinds of affordable ways to get Omeprazole ODT from Walgreens.

There's free shipping for online orders over $35, and you can have your order shipped to a store near you for a convenient pick-up location.

Plus, right now there's a great online shopping bonus for Omeprazole ODT from Well at Walgreens: buy one, get one 50% off!

Now that I've experience the long-lasting relief of Well at Walgreens Omeprazole ODT firsthand, I'll never leave home without it.

If you suffer from frequent heartburn, don't pass up this chance to get a great discount from Walgreens and try Omeprazole ODT yourself.

Are you ready for long-lasting relief from frequent heartburn symptoms?

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