One Contestant Did So Well On 'The Price Is Right' That They Had To Change The Entire Show

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The Price Is Right has become something of a cultural institution. It has been on the air for longer than I have been alive, and apart from Bob Barker retiring to be replaced by Drew Carey, not much has actually changed.


The show has followed the same type of pattern for more than 40 years, and for most of the time span, it hasn't had any negative effects on how the game is actually played. That is until a man named Terry Kniess decided that it was his turn to "come on down."


Terry and his wife Linda were fans of the show and they watched a lot of it on television, and they noticed that the products didn't change all that much over the course of years which meant that the prices always stayed in fairly predictable ranges. So Terry and Linda studied and built their own system for winning.

Even though they were prepared with the knowledge needed to win, they still needed to rely on a fair bit of luck in order to have their names drawn so that they could be a part of contestant's row. As luck would have it, Terry's name was drawn and then the game was on.

During his stint on contestant's row, he had to bid on a Green Egg smoker, which he won, making his way deeper into the show. Terry managed to make his way through the show all the way to the Showcase Showdown, which is where the second bit of luck needed to happen.

Each showcase prize pack was always different, but based on the studying that he and his wife had done, he knew that the prize packs fell into the same similar price ranges, so at least he had somewhat of an idea.

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When Terry saw his showcase, he took a bit of a guess but mixed in a little bit of his personal life. He new that packages usually stayed around $24,000, but he wanted to make sure he didn't overbid. So he started with $23,000 and then used a combination of his wedding anniversary and his wife's birthday to come up with a bid of $23,743. Not only did he win, but he hit the number perfectly. It was so startling that you could visibly see Drew Carey get agitated, and many people thought he had cheated.  

Not only had he not cheated, but nothing he did in preparing for the show, or actually coming on the show broke any rules at all. This has forced The Price Is Right to change how they do things altogether by changing up their prizes and trying to break out of any type of predictable pattern.

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