One Of The World's Best Wines Is On Sale At Walmart For Just $7

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One Of The World's Best Wines Is On Sale At Walmart For Just $7

If you love red wine and a good bargain you're in luck, because there's a fantastic deal at your local big box store.

Decanter magazine has been reviewing the world's best wines since 1975, so they know a thing or two about what makes wine great. Since 2004 they've organized the World Wine Awards, where over 200 world-class experts use blind taste tests to pick the world's best wines.

One of last year's big winners was La Moneda Reserva's Malbec, which beat 16,000 other wines to be named Platinum Best in Show. Unbelievably, this award-winning drink costs just $7 a bottle at Walmarts across America.


The Chilean wine was already a hit in Britain where it was sold at Asda grocery stores, but it has finally found its way to North America.

It will be available at more than 500 stores nationwide but you should get a bottle now, because it will only be on sale for a limited time.

La Moneda Reserva describes the wine as a mix of plum, fig and berry flavors combined with the taste of vanilla yogurt for a velvety smooth taste.

The Wine Curmudgeon

While you may not think of red wine and Walmart together, this drink pairs great with the discount store.

The wine's flavors are supposed to complement the taste of dark chocolate and barbecue, both of which you can get at the store.

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