Potato Gasses Killed Her Entire Family

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Potato Gasses Killed Her Entire Family

Most people have potatoes in their kitchen. They are one of the most common foods that are easy to make and taste amazing pretty much any way you cook them. The problem is, having them in your house could actually kill you.

A simple mistake made by a family back in 2014 showed us just how dangerous these vegetables could be if not stored properly.

Maria Chelysheva was 8 years old at the time and her family kept their potatoes in the cellar. When they were cooking dinner one night they went to get some potatoes, not knowing they had started to rot. Her father went first and when he didn't come back her mother went. Her brother went down to check on the parents and when he didn't come back the grandmother called the neighbors for help.

Before the neighbors arrived she headed down to check on the family and once again did not come back. It sounds like a horror movie, but actually happened to this poor girl.

Because the potatoes had been rotting, the poisonous chemical called glycoalkaloid which is found in potatoes had become more potent. This chemical is not only dangerous to consume, but to inhale.

This little girl was lucky to be alive after she went to go look for her family, but luckily her grandma had left the door open so some of the toxins had dissipated.

If you store potatoes in your home, make sure to check that they aren't rotting to keep your family safe!