Online Croupiers: Casino Professional or Professional Scammers

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Online Croupiers: Casino Professional or Professional Scammers

With the rising number of online games, something else is on the rise as well - the number of live casino tables. These peculiar titles are a combo of brick-and-mortar casinos and online gaming platforms. Dealers, located in glamorous and luxurious studios, deal the cards and spin the wheels as if they were in a land-based casino. Followed by a number of cameras, their moves are immediately broadcasted to devices across the globe, to all gamers sitting at the same table.

Yet, there are so many players who think that live casino dealers are nothing but crooks and scammers, selling nothing but snake oil. To help us clarify some things, we asked Anna Rosak, digital gambling specialist and marketing expert from Poland (read about her here), to provide us with real insight into the world of live casino dealers.

What is a Croupier?

“Croupiers and dealers are casino employees that moderate the game. They are the only ones allowed to touch the equipment, or at least the majority of it, and they help players navigate the process”, begins Rosak.

“However, dealers and croupiers are not allowed to provide you with suggestions, recommendations or betting tips. They are to stay objective at all times. Even so, if the dealer or croupier has time, they may demonstrate the game for you, and make sure you learn the rules”, adds the expert. Rosak also clarifies that the role of the online and land-based dealer and croupier always stays the same - to lead the game, regardless if it’s popular roulette (or ruletka na pieniądze online, as they call it in Polish) or blackjack, Anna says.

At online casinos, dealers and croupiers never demonstrate the game, as this part of the gaming experience is typically done via special videos you can always revisit. They are solemnly focused on players who actively participate in the game.

Licensed Operators with Licensed Providers and Licensed Dealers

Still, the definition above doesn’t answer the question if croupiers are just scammers employed by casinos or a real thing. According to Rosak, the answer is simple: “If you play at a legit online casino, you’ll encounter legit online dealers and croupiers. They are highly educated professionals, just like those guys in Las Vegas or Macau. But, if you take your money to an unlicensed online casino site, you might face software providers that don’t employ professionals!”

The expert says that just like you can play at a legit online casino or an unlicensed one, you can play at a fair casino or an illegal gambling joint. “Don’t expect to find real dealers with operators and software providers that aren’t regulated”, Anna warns.

Namely, in order to operate legally, all casino operators and software providers (companies that supply games), must be licensed. Although there is no dealer or croupier licence, the majority of big companies, with good reputations, won’t risk giving a job to a person with no previous experience. Many live casino studios have their own courses and obligatory classes employees have to take in order to handle a certain title.

“Dealing and croupier courses are demanding, as the candidates have to think with both their heads and their hands. Also, there is a massive selection of games, and they carefully choose their area of expertise”, adds Anna.

Good and experienced dealers are in great demand, but our expert told us that even if a mistake happens, there is a way to handle it: their actions are closely followed by multiple cameras, plus even live casinos have a pit boss, a person in charge of dealers and games. If a player thinks they’ve been wronged, they can simply ask for rewind and call the pit boss.”

Rotation and Concentration

Anna also accentuates the fact that many people believe dealers and croupiers rotate in order to make scams harder to notice or to prevent players from having a lucky streak. However, she disagrees: “Croupiers and dealers rotate because their job is both physically and mentally exhausting. They are not allowed to slip, so they take breaks frequently. Can you imagine the mere amount of focus an online game of blackjack requires? It’s crazy!”

If anything, Anna believes, rotations make cheating on behalf of the house far more complicated. The more people are involved, the more difficult it is for the operation to run smoothly. Online gaming is not the Wild West, never was and never will be.

“People have seen one too many movies about Danny Ocean, and think the casino industry is all about heists, cheating and stealing. I’m not saying there aren’t any rigged games, but as long as you play at a licensed casino, unprofessional dealers are the least of your concerns”, she’s honest, “You better focus on keeping those stakes reasonable, and playing within your limits.”

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