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Opera Student Starts Practicing Her Singing - See What Happens When A Pomeranian Joins In

You've heard about wolves howling at the moon, but have you heard the singing Pomeranian?

A video filmed in a Queens, New York apartment is going viral after an opera student decided to practice in front of her boyfriend's dog, a Pomeranian named Mongsil.

As Grace held a sheet of music and sang a beautiful piece of opera, Mongsil started yowling to imitate her. Whenever Grace stopped singing, the dog stopped too, and Mongsil started again once Grace resumed.

It's no wonder the adorable duet is getting so many views!

The user who posted the video wrote: "Girlfriend is currently a college student studying to become an opera singer. She was practicing at home one day and my dog started imitating

Watch the cute video below:

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