Self-Inflating Camp Trailer Goes From Flat To Flashy In 90 Seconds

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Self-Inflating Camp Trailer Goes From Flat To Flashy In 90 Seconds

Opus Camper

Americans who have spent time on the open road in a trailer or camper know how fun it can be. It promises all the joys of regular camping, but without the work of setting up a tent.

Now, a new camper has managed to improve on the concept even more, with a special self-inflating design that transforms from a flat, easy-to-tow box to a complete trailer in under two minutes.

Opus Trailer
The Opus camper looks like a regular trailer when it's folded down.Opus Camper USA - Instagram

The Air Opus trailer promises to fold out into a cozy home-away-from home in just 90 seconds, expanding from a compact box into an eight foot high, 121 square foot camper. (Some reviewers say the process takes more like five minutes, but that's still pretty fast.)

Watch the Air Opus fold out before your eyes:

The benefit of the small footprint is that nearly any car can pull the Opus when it's folded flat. There's even a rack system built into the box top, so you can haul outdoor gear like bikes and kayaks on top of it.

The colorful camper has curb appeal, and looks even nicer inside. There are all the features you would expect from a typical trailer, including room for six, a portable sink, stove, mini fridge, toilet, and access for running water, electrical heat, and central air.

Some inspired touches also help the Opus stand out from other trailers. It has built-in skylights and a dinette section with removable table for extra sleeping space.

And best of all, the Opus even packs itself up when your trip is done. Special valves take the air out of the poles holding up the camper's frame, so it shrinks back into its box.

Opus Camper
The trailer has a slide-out grill and sink.Opus Camper

If your budget is a little tight, you can actually trim $2,499 off the price of your Opus trailer by purchasing the basic model for $18,999. The only difference is that you do the set up, not a built-in electric pump.

Learn more about Opus Trailers.

Find your local Opus dealer to get a camper of your own.

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