Oreo Is Rolling Out 5 New Flavors Based On Your Favorite Desserts

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Oreo Is Rolling Out 5 New Flavors Based On Your Favorite Desserts


Some people carry light snacks around with them, I carry a full bag of Oreos. I've been addicted to these cookies for as long as I can remember, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

After saying goodbye to the limited-edition Pina Colada Oreo Thins, I've been eagerly waiting for the company to surprise me again.

Indeed they did, and they even based it off my favorite desserts (which is basically everyone's favorites).

Nabisco, the company who makes these delicious cookies, announced these new flavors at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago a few weeks ago.

Some of these new flavors are already out, and the others are going to be rolled out later this year.

Get your milk prepared, because these flavors are going to knock your socks off.

The Instagram account, junkbanter, posted these new additions for the world to see.

Without further ado, here are the five new flavors:

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Junk Banter Instagram

Don't worry, your eyes are not crossing. What you're seeing is a creme duo of peanut butter and chocolate.

Not only that, these two delicious flavors are sandwiched between graham-flavored cookies.

I know my taste buds will never forget something as scrumptious as this, and I think Oreo sympathizes with people like me who have an insatiable sweet tooth, so they're permanently adding the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie to the Oreo line.

"These were good," wrote one Instagram user. "They reminded me of nutter butters with some chocolate inside!"

2. Rocky Road Trip

Junk Banter Instagram

Nabisco is also introducing the Rocky Road Trip, which features rocky road flavored creme and a cookie that has marshmallow bits in it.

This luscious creme will debut sometime this summer. The sooner the better, though!

I'll definitely be bringing this along with me during the camping season.

"They've finally listened," someone wrote on junkbanter's post. "This was my submission for the Oreo new flavor challenge last year."

3. Peppermint Bark

Junk Banter Instagram

This classic peppermint flavor features crunchy sugar crystals that will remind you of everything that is good in this world.

I wouldn't say this is a summery flavor, since it's more like a holiday snack, but I'm still all for it.

I might have to buy in bulk and save them for the winter unless they bring their old Peppermint Oreos back.

"So excited about about these. I'm one of those people that eat everything peppermint bark during the holidays," wrote a user.

4. The Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

Junk Banter

These cookies remind me of the Golden Oreos, but inside is a strawberry filling with strawberry-flavored bits.

Out of all the flavors I've seen, I think this one is my favorite. And since it's summer, strawberry is the perfect way to go.

"This I can get on board with for sure," wrote a user. "I'm gonna have to buy them now to rediscover my love!"

5. Pistachio Thins

Like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos, the Pistachio Oreo Thins are not limited-edition and will be hitting stores nationwide.

I'm not a huge fan of pistachios, but for people who are looking for a healthier snack, choosing this one is definitely the way to go.

These flavors are either already available at stores now or will be in the coming weeks. If you can't find them, order them online through Target or Amazon.

Some of these are for a limited-time only, so enjoy while you can!

Which flavor will you try first?

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