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Jeopardy's 15 Most Outrageous Moments


Jeopardy is one of America's most popular game shows, but it also has a reputation for being brainy and dull.

And it's true that the Peabody Award-winning "answer and question" show can be a little buttoned up.

But every so often things get silly, awkward, or downright weird on the Jeopardy set.


Thankfully, the show's fans have immortalized these 15 outrageous moments that prove Jeopardy really does have a light side.

1. Keep It PG!

Alex Trebek was waiting for, "What is a love triangle?" But contestant Kara had a much saucier reply for the game show host.

Hey, he's a married man, you know!

2. Can You Say That On TV?

Here is some much needed context for this next clip: every answer began with a part of the human body. Just not the part that Carl was thinking of.

3. Breaking News: Wolf Blitzer Blew It

Look, Jeopardy's Power Players week isn't about competing at a high level, it's an excuse for celebrities to raise money for a good cause.

But even Wolf Blitzer couldn't accomplish that during his disastrous appearance on the show, which ended at a dismal -$4,600.

4. Alex Tells It Like It Is

Jeopardy's contestants are some of the smartest people on TV (aka some of the geekiest people on the planet).

But one contestant's unusual hobby - hip hop music inspired by video games - was so nerdy even Trebek felt compelled to tease her about it.

5. "$1 Bob!"

The Price is Right is the only game show where having $1 on your screen can get you fabulous prizes.

But finishing the game with $1 was enough for contestant Manny Abell to win himself a second appearance on Jeopardy.

The real prize? He became just the second person in the show's history to win with $1.

6. Football Fail

There are always a few wrong answers in any given round on Jeopardy.

But after a string of football questions stumped all three contestants, Trebek showed some unnecessary roughness.

"I can tell you guys are big football fans."

7. We Call That A "HumbleBrag"

Leonard Cooper has appeared on Jeopardy a number of times, but will probably never top his hilarious viral moment from the 2013 Teen Tournament finale.

Yes, Leonard, you won $75,000, but did you have to be so smug about it?

8. Triple Jeopardy

In a tight game, it's not unusual contestants to bet big in the final round. But usually, at least one of them will win big too.

Not so in this unfortunate clip.

9. Even Watson Gets A Few Wrong

IBM's supercomputer mopped the floor with Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, Jeopardy's two biggest winners, in a historic two-day special.

And after a solid hour-long thrashing, it was nice to be reminded that even supercomputers make mistakes during the final Jeopardy round.

Take that, smartypants!

10. Speaking Of Robots...

Watching Ken Jennings compete during his original 74-game streak could be frustrating - it was like he had every answer programmed into his brain.

So in the rare moments when he totally blew an answer, it was important to savor his awkward mix-ups.

11. Trebek Gone Wild

Alex Trebek always shows class, style, and steady nerves when he hosts Jeopardy. So why are there so many clips of him cursing out his crew online?

We have to chalk this clip up to the "Old Alex," and the stress he endured while taping ads for a forgotten promotion called "Phone Jeopardy."

Warning: this video features strong language.

12. So Close, But Still So Far

Nothing feels more satisfying that shouting out an answer you know that the contestants have all missed.

Which is why watching this head-slapping mistake is so rewarding.

Remember, Joe, read the whole question before answering.

13. The Fix Is In

Sports fans can get pretty heated over a ruling that makes or breaks a game. But Jeopardy fans were left fuming by this decision - which is still hotly debated.

Thomas Hurley said the show "cheated" him by making his answer incorrect. And in his defense, could you spell "the Emancipation Proclamation" on the first try with no spell check?

14. I'm Falling Asleep Here

The stories contestant's tell in the middle of Jeopardy's first round have a reputation for being dry.

Trebek has heard a few snoozers in his day, but only Dan Tran's "interesting" fact about himself was boring enough to go viral.

15. Potty Humor

Here's an oldie but a goodie.

What were the Romans doing with those piles of papyrus? Ask anyone but Gary. Maybe he just needed a bathroom break.

Which Jeopardy moment is your favorite?

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