17 Most Outrageous Nail Designs That Never Should Have Happened

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17 Most Outrageous Nail Designs That Never Should Have Happened

I love doing my nails, but some of the designs I see online are way too complicated. I've tried my share of nail art, but nothing compares to these trends that somehow became popular.

I don't know about you, but the idea of having poppable pimples on my nails makes me want to gag.

17. Alien Nails


The last thing your fingers need is a whole other set of fingers.

16. Aquarium Nails


I love the ocean, but I have zero need to experience it on my finger nails.

15. Bubble Nails


There's no way these ever dry.

14. Mustache Nails


Disguises are for your face...not your nails.

13. Duck-Feet Nails

Her Campus

Duck feet belong on ducks and not on your nails. Can you imagine trying to type with these?

12. Bug Nails

Nails Magazine

I have to touch bugs? No thanks.

11. Pierced Nails


How do you get anything done? It's like having webbed feet.

10. Candy Crush Nails


Listen, I love Candy Crush. But I do not love anything enough to spend the time, money, or effort on something like this.

9. Extra Nails


This ONLY makes sense because you have a spare in case a nail breaks off.

8. Fuzzy Nails


I get stressed out when a piece of lint lands on my nail before it's dry. This would be my nightmare.

7. Snow Globe Nails


These are fun until the globe breaks and you're stuck with wet fingers and a piece of broken plastic.

6. Spiral Nails

Miss CM

They're like stilts for your fingers...how do you do anything?

5. Teeth Nails


Let me get this straight. You CHOOSE to put teeth on your nails, and then CHOOSE to add a cavity? Aim higher.

4. Succulent Nails


Talk about having a green thumb.

3. Pimple Nails


Nothing makes me more upset than the thought of a pimple on your nails that you can pop, and hand lotion coming out. It's revolting.

2. Gun Nails


When people say they want gun control, it's to prevent stuff like this.

1. Cereal Nails

Ha Ha Stop

Okay, these ones I can get on board with.

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