Dog Gets So Excited To See Her Owner That She Passes Out On The Driveway

Reuniting with your pet after a long time apart is the best part about coming home. It's so hard to leave them, but when you have no choice the first moment when you see them can be really emotional.

When Rebecca was forced to be away from her dog Casey because of a job in another country, she wasn't expecting such an emotional reunion.

The moment Casey saw her there were loud whining screams and so much wiggling. The excitement got to the enthusiastic Schnauzer, so much so that it actually fainted!

Casey is quickly scooped up by the family and was back to the excited little pup it was almost immediately. It really goes to show you just how observant our animals are. They notice when you aren't there and their love for you is the strongest feeling they know.

So happy that Casey has their favorite person back!

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