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The Story Behind The Man Who Paid For A Elderly Man's Meal Will Warm Your Heart

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The news is filled with stories that crush your faith in humanity.

Believe it or not, there's a lot of good that happens in this world every single day. The problem is that it's not shared as often as it should be.

That being said, selfless acts require no acknowledgement and are usually done in secret. The only satisfaction for the person delivering it is to change the recipient's life, even if it's for a short period of time.

We all want to make a difference in the world, and sometimes it's nice to know that other people are working to make this society a better place too.

A Kind Gesture

When tradesman Dave Love was standing in line at McDonald's, he notices an elderly man struggling to count his loose change at the counter.

He approaches the man, offering to pay for his meal alongside his morning coffee.

Dave's partner, Melanie Langley, secretly films this kind gesture.

As the elderly man puts his change back in his pocket, the server jokes, "That's gonna weight you down now!"

When the recipient of the kind gesture thanks Dave and waits for his order, Dave decides to do something else.

It's Not Over Yet

The Aussie tradesman slides $20 into the elderly man's hand.

"That's for your next coffee," Dave says. But the man refuses to accept the bill, thinking that it's too much.

Dave insists that the elderly pensioner accepts the money.

"Thank you very're a gentleman, thank you," the man says.  

Dave had no idea that his incredible act of kindness was filmed for the world to see.

When he goes back to Melanie, he tells her, "I'm helping the old fella' out, he's down on his last 20 bucks."

"He's standing there with a whole heap of change... he's a pensioner and he's old, so I paid for his meal and I gave him 20 dollars. It is what it is honey, it's life."

Praise From Around The World

Melanie later posted the video on Facebook, which soon went viral, garnering millions of views and more than 20,000 shares.

"Your true character is revealed when nobody's watching," she wrote. " I told him I wasn't videoing as he would've made me turn it off."

Watch the small act of kindness below!

STOP SCROLLING, this WILL make your day, I was in tears 🙏 This man melts my heart 💓 I had no idea what he was up to as he ordered his morning coffee but quickly realised and couldn't not video this incredible act of kindness. 💖 Your true character is revealed when nobody's watching Oh and you wouldn't believe it, his surname is LOVE 💕 He bought this old mans coffee, breakfast and gave him $20 🙌🙏 Oh and I told him I wasn't videoing as he would've made me turn it off 🤷"â™€ï¸ #caughtintheact #payitforward #heartofgold #workhardtogivemore #domorehavemoregivemore #actofkindness #teamlove

Posted by Melanie Langley on Monday, July 30, 2018

Both Melanie and Dave didn't expect for their story to go viral!

"We honestly can't believe this has gone viral! Question is - why David's small random act of kindness is such a HUGE deal? We certainly don't think it is as it's part of our morals and values, never in a million years we expected a reaction like this!" Melanie wrote on another Facebook post.

We definitely need more people like Dave in this world! How often do you see acts of kindness in your city?

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