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Pamela Anderson Distraught Over Hugh Hefner's Death, Shares Tearful Tribute

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On Wednesday, September 27, the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner passed away at his famous mansion surrounded by loved ones.

Hefner not only changed the way America and the world viewed sex, he had a huge impact on popular culture and publishing. He helped shape the careers of many celebrities and he broke down barriers that stood in the way of free speech and civil rights.

Minutes after the news of his death broke, tributes began to pour in. From actors and politicians, to former Playmates and cover models, social media was filled with messages, videos, and photos that honor the businessman's legacy.

So sad but forever grateful for all the wonderful memories and amazing experiences #RIPHef #Playboy 💔

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But the most heartfelt tribute of them all came from model and actress Pamela Anderson, who owes her success to Hefner. Anderson graced the cover of Playboy in October 1989 which helped launched her career in Hollywood. She appeared in the publication frequently, and was named Playmate of the month in February 1990.

The star and Hefner remained close friends ever since, so it is only natural that Anderson is taking his death a lot harder than most.

Earlier today, she posted a tearful video message saying goodbye to Hefner.

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