Panda Express Is Giving Away Free Egg Rolls Today Only

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Panda Express Is Giving Away Free Egg Rolls Today Only

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On Tuesday, February 5, many Asians around the world will be ringing in the Chinese Lunar New Year.

2019 is the Year of the Pig, but like any of the other previous years, the special occasion will be marked with fireworks, performances, and lots of food.

Of course, the parties are much more grand in Asia, but here in North America, Panda Express is making sure you don't miss out on some of the celebration.

Traditionally, red envelopes containing cash, which symbolize prosperity and good luck, are handed out during the festivities, but Panda Express will be doing things a little differently.

Instead of money, the Chinese-American chain will be giving out coupons that entitle customers to free egg rolls and drinks, according to Food and Wine.

Today only, stop by any participating Panda Express restaurant to get a free chicken egg roll and Dr. Pepper to wash it down.

Food and Wine reports that there will be a fortune-teller game to answer any questions about what the Year of the Pig means for you.

The outlet also revealed that Panda Express' new Sichuan hot chicken will be soon be available nationwide.

"We will introduce new dishes all the time," Andrea Cherng, Panda's chief marketing officer, said. "We want to introduce a new shrimp dish soon. A lot of this because we want to help people experience different culinary flavors from different parts of China."

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Will you be stopping by Panda Express today?

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