Paper Straw Hack: Mini DIY Event Easels

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Paper Straw Hack: Mini DIY Event Easels

Use this simple paper straw hack to create display card holders instead of dishing on pricey ones for your next event. You can use these DIY easels to label food, personalize place settings, or leave notes. Use paper straws that compliment the color scheme of your event or grab the extra ones you have laying around the house. We love these for summer gatherings that are fun and casual. The perfect way to brighten up your appetizer table.

Mini DIY Event Easels

Three pink place card holders made out of paper straws

What You Need

  • Paper straws (2 per card holder)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


Take 2 paper straws and cut them in half. Try to get them as equal as possible. Take two of the 4 pieces and glue them together at the top to create an A shape. You'll probably need to hold these together a second while the glue cools.

Pink paper straws cut in half being glued together

Once the A frame is cooled off, lay it flat. Squeeze a small dob of glue about a centimeter or two up from the bottom of each straw. You'll want these at the same height so that you can glue a third straw across horizontally.

Almost done. The last step is to take the fourth straw and glue it to the top of the A so that your card holder has a stand. Make sure that the final straw is angled so that the easel is supported and a card will lay back slightly. When your all done repeat the process for as many mini easels as you need!

hands creating a mini easel card holder out of pink paper straws

Try a topper for your card holders.

2 green and gold festive place card holders made out of paper straws

What's your favorite paper straw hack?