Paralyzed Student Trained For Months To Cross The Stage At Graduation

If you look up "invincible" in the dictionary you'll probably find a picture of Iowa College student Chris Norton. The 23-year-old was paralyzed in a football accident when he was a freshman.

Norton lost all feeling from the neck down, and doctors originally said he only had a 3% chance of walking again. After years of rehab, and with the loving support of his girlfriend Emily Summers, Norton showed his whole school his incredible spirit.

He rushed to finish school early so he could spend every day training for hours to walk across the stage and receive his diploma. The whole school was on their feet with him during this amazing moment.

This achievement was special for another reason: Norton had proposed to Summers just the day before.

In an interview with NBC news, Norton said "so many people, including myself, fear failure, it's human. But if you do everything in your power to accomplish your dreams, at the end of the day, you can be proud and happy with how far you've come."

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