10 Patron Saints To Pray To When Times Get Tough And You Need A Miracle

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10 Patron Saints To Pray To When Times Get Tough And You Need A Miracle

Life comes with its own set of challenges, and sometimes when the going gets tough all we can do is have faith and pray for a miracle.

If you're a believer, this means you're not only praying directly to God, you're also asking for the patron saints that are already in heaven to intercede.

By involving saints, you're saying a prayer to those who have the ability to ask the Lord to help you in whatever it is that you need in accordance to His will.

There's a patron saint you can pray to for every difficulty you're facing, such as money problems, an unstable relationship or health issues.

However, considering there are more than 10,000 named saints, knowing the right ones to pray to for your specific needs can help you immensely.

In addition to the greatest of all saints, Mary, the Blessed Virgin, here are 10 patron saints you can turn to during difficult times:

1. St. Rita - Loneliness

Saint Rita of Cascia lived a hard and disappointing life, but nonetheless, God used her in amazing ways in life and death.

St. Rita's patience, civility and compassion won her husband over after 18 years of abuse. He was eventually murdered during a family rivalry, and his two sons decided to avenge his death.

St. Rita couldn't persuade her children to forgive, so she turned to God and prayed that he would let them die before they committed a mortal sin. Her prayers were answered and both sons became ill and died within a year.

The feeling of loneliness drove her to become a nun, and because of her association with abuse and windows, she is recognized as the patron saint of lonely people. She is also regarded as the "Saint of the Impossible," as she never lost her faith, despite living through so many tribulations.

2. St. Valentine - Relationship problems

It's no surprise that Saint Valentine is the patron of love. He's the reason why we celebrate Valentine's Day after all.

It is believed that the Italian doctor-turned-Priest spent a large part of his lifetime bringing people together and helping them experience love. The famous saint was even incarcerated for officiating weddings during a time when new marriages were banned in ancient Rome.

He was martyred for refusing to renounce his beliefs, but it wasn't before he was able to send a note to a young blind girl he had befriended. The touching farewell note is believed to have cured Julia of her blindness so she could read it herself. This is where today's tradition of sending cards on Valentine's Day stemmed from.

Since his death, people in need of love or improvements in their romantic relationships have prayed to St. Valentine for help, and many have reported improvements.

3. St. Christopher - Bad luck

There's a reason why so many people wear charms and necklaces with Saint Christopher's face on them or place a small statue of the saint on their dashboards.

Although aspects about his life remain blurry, believers usually associate him with traveling, and according to Beliefnet.com, "his designation as the saint of good luck probably has something to do with the protection he offers those who travel."

Others claim he is also the patron saint of soldiers, but although it's unclear why he's been given this role, some believe it is because he is often portrayed as a hero in many medieval legends.

If you're feeling unlucky in other areas of life and need protection, especially if getting involved in something that could potentially put you in harm's way, don't hesitate to ask St. Christopher to intercede so God can answer your prayers in time.

4. St. Dymphna - Anxiety

If you're feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or mental illness, Saint Dympha is who you want to address your prayers to.

The virgin saint was martyred when she was just a teenager for refusing the advances of a powerful man, an Irish pagan king named Damon, who also happened to be her own father.

St. Dymphna's mother passed away when she was about 14 years old and her father, who is clearly mentally afflicted, wanted the young girl to take his wife's place.

The young saint, who had already taken a vow of chastity, fled Ireland. Unfortunately, Damon was able to track her down and kill her after she refused to return home.

Centuries after her death, believers noticed miracle cures of mental ailments taking place at the church in Gheel, where her remains were interred. People have since prayed to St. Dymphna for relief from nervousness, anxiety disorders, and mental illnesses.

5. St. Jospeh - Unemployment

Even with an impressive resume and compelling cover letter, landing a good job is no easy task. If you're unemployed and need a boost, turn to Saint Joseph for some help.

Saint Joseph, who is also the patron of the Universal Church, workers, carpenters and immigrants, passed away before Jesus began his mission, but he still had enough time on this earth to prove he's honorable, humble and dedicated to his Holy Family.

The hard-working man lived through poverty and a number of hardships, including journeying to Bethlehem for Our Savior's birth and keep him from harm's way, but he took it all in stride.

Instead of feeling frustrated and disappointed about being out of work, seek St. Joseph's help and you may soon be receiving paychecks.

6. St. Matthew - Money woes

Saint Matthew the Apostle is the patron saint of money, and in today's economic climate, you may want to consider asking him for help when experiencing financial problems.

Once a tax collector, praying to St. Matthew can help remedy many of your money-related issues, including increasing your income, getting what you're owed back, paying off debts, and making you more financially stable.

For those who are unemployed, praying to St. Matthew, as well as to St. Joseph, can prove to be powerful.

7. St. Gerard - Fertility issues

Saint Gerard Majella was able to perform some amazing miracles before his life was cut short at the age of 29 by tuberculosis.

He was devoted to helping the poor, sick and needy and was able to cure illnesses, earning him the nickname the "wonder worker."

However, at one point, he was accused by a pregnant woman of fathering her child. He denied his involvement, and it was later confirmed that the woman was indeed lying.

This incident is why he is considered the patron said of mothers, motherhood and the falsely accused.

Another woman claimed that she was in danger of dying or losing her child during birth so she asked for the saint's handkerchief that she once picked up, and it stopped the pain she was experiencing.

Women who are having difficulties conceiving a child or worried about labor are encouraged to pray to St. Gerard to intercede on their behalf.

8. St. Jude - Desperation

When you feel like losing hope when faced with a desperate situation, call on Saint Jude for help.

St. Jude, the brother of Saint James the Less, is known for preaching the gospel and performing miracles before suffering martyrdom.

He is said to have cured the King of Edessa, who suffered from leprosy and was at his wit's end. St. Jude apparently used a cloth with an image of Jesus's face to remedy the king's ailment.

When you're feeling like a cause or a person is a lost cause, pray to St. Jude to help them preserve through.

9. St. Peregrine - Cancer

Saint Peregrine Laziosi was not only a holy man, but someone who received a miracle on earth.

After a cancerous tumor appeared on his leg, doctors were going to amputate the limb. However, after a night of prayer for healing, he saw Jesus come down from the cross and touch his leg. Of course, he woke up completely healed.

For his battle against cancer and miraculous instantaneous healing, St. Peregrine has been designated the patron saint of cancer patients as well as other incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS.

If you or a loved one is in need of a medical breakthrough, turn to St. Peregrine to help your prayers get answered.

10. St. Michael - Danger

Unlike the rest of the saints on this list, St. Michael never lived on earth but was declared a saint for helping people on earth.

The heavenly angel is the leader of the army of God and had been on a mission to fight Satan, who inflicts pain and suffering on humans.

If you're suffering from a less serious illness that needs healing, need to get out of a dangerous situation, or require protection from your enemies, Saint Michael the Archangel is who you need to pray to.

What patron saints do you pray to when in need? Let us know in the comments!

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