Peel Eggs In Seconds With This Simple Trick

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Peel Eggs In Seconds With This Simple Trick

There's no food as tasty or as difficult to enjoy as hard boiled eggs. Nine times out of ten you'll try to peel off a bit of the shell and end up end up ripping out a chunk of the egg. Or worse, a million tiny pieces of egg shell will cling to the inside, forcing you to scrape them off one by one.

We hate to tell you that you've wasted a huge chunk of your life struggling to open these tasty treats, but there's a foolproof method that takes all the stress out of peeling your eggs. Watch it in action in this video by MicahMedia.

It works like magic, right? It's actually very simple. The force of the water sliding back and forth rips the shell away from the egg, while the protein inside is perfectly safe. So after a few seconds of shaking the shell peels right off.

It can't get any easier than that!

This method even works with multiple eggs, although it's best to leave the lid on when you're using this much water. This trick is great for dishes like deviled eggs where you have to peel multiple eggs.

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