Peeps Flavored Oreos Are Coming And It's A Mistake

Show me someone who likes Peeps and I'll show you a liar.

The sickly-sweet marshmallow treats were delicious when we were kids, but there are so many better options for Easter candy!

To make Peeps even worse, Oreo has now made a Peep-flavored cookie.

To say people are mad is an understatement.

The new flavor of cookie is set to hit the shelves of Walmart in March 2017, just in time for the Easter season. Because nothing says Easter like an artificially flavored cookie that uses artificial flavor to replicate an artificial flavor.

Honestly, from the picture, it looks like a child's bubble-gum flavored glitter toothpaste between two cookies. But I guess we'll have to wait until they come out before we judge them.

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