Where Do You Store Your Ketchup? This Simple Question Has Created Lots Of Controversy


Where Do You Store Your Ketchup? This Simple Question Has Created Lots Of Controversy

Remember when the biggest controversy about ketchup was whether you should put it on a hot dog or use mustard instead? Those days are long gone, because a supermarket in the UK has kicked off a fierce debate about this sauce.

Everyone probably has a bottle of ketchup in their home right now, but where do you keep it? In your cupboard, or in the fridge? That was the question that Asda, a chain of grocery stores in the UK, asked their customers. More than 2,600 people replied, but the results are very close.

53% of people say that the tasty tomato sauce belongs in the fridge, while 47% say it belongs in the cupboard. As it turns out, science has its own answer.

While you should trust your own taste buds, there's nothing wrong with keeping your ketchup in the cupboard. The sauce will stay edible for about two months as long as you keep it at room temperature, although your family might find it tastes a little weird.

After all, ketchup has been sold since before refrigerators were invented. One of the main ingredients in tomato ketchup is vinegar, which keeps everything well preserved even outside of the fridge. That being said, the label definitely says you should keep your ketchup on ice.

For the record, Asda has decided on a compromise: one of their stores in London will put some ketchup in the fridge while the rest stays out on the shelves. That should make everyone happy - or no one, if you think about it. It definitely hasn't stopped people from sharing their opinions online.

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