People Are Pretty Cranky About Winning Potato Wedges On Roll-Up

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People Are Pretty Cranky About Winning Potato Wedges On Roll-Up

We Canadians are usually a soft-spoken bunch...unless we're watching hockey, of course.

But something has really put a bee in the bonnet of our great nation, and it has to do with Tim Hortons.

Roll Up The Rim To Win is the best time of the year up north. The possibility of a free coffee keeps us going once those temperatures get unbearable. This year, however, Timmie's added a new prize to the game and it's divided the population.

There's the standard coffee, donut, Tim's card, TVs, cars and now...potato wedges.

Yep. The coffee giant has included a savory snack to their list of potential prizes and people feel violated.

The main problem is that most people didn't even know Tim Hotons offered potato wedges to being with. Once they dealt with that acceptance, the next step was anger.

It seems like some people have accepted their fate, though. And frankly, the potato wedges at Tim Hortons are pretty delicious.

As a perpetual loser, I will take what is given to me when it is given. Why complain about free food? Worst case scenario, give them to a homeless person.

Are you happy or mad about the potato wedge addition? Let us know!

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