People Are Putting Onions In Their Socks As A Way To Detox

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People Are Putting Onions In Their Socks As A Way To Detox

When you were little, did you mom put a raw onion by your bedside while you were sick? Mine did. Although it seems like a strange thing to do, onions are known to have a healing effect on the common cold.

Have you heard that putting onions in your socks while you sleep could have a good effect on your health? Read on!

Following the tradition of ancient Chinese medicine, this custom began due to the multiple nerve endings in your feet. The theory is, each area connects to a different organ, so stimulating those areas helps improve the function of the body.

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According to the theory, the energy channels or meridians in our bodies treated through acupuncture are the same ones that benefit from the onion-in-sock method.

The trouble is, our feet are usually in socks or shoes, so our organs don't get the detoxing and energy-producing benefits they need. Putting an onion on the soles of your feet for a long period of time will detox your liver, clean your blood, and destroy harmful bacteria on your feet.

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How to do it: Slice an onion (any type will do) and put on the desired area of your foot. Put on a pair of thick socks and catch some zzz's. Overnight, the onion will work its magic.

Sounds silly? Well, it could be, but there isn't enough proof to completely disprove the onion-in-sock treatment. You have nothing to lose by trying it. Onions are all natural and won't harm you in any way.

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