How To

People Are Putting Soap In Their Garden For This Reason

Irish Spring soap is pretty common. The scent is arguably the most recognizable soap smell out there!

Most people use it to clean themselves (obviously) but some are starting to add the soap to their gardens. It's a little odd, but reasoning is pretty sweet!

By adding bits of Irish Spring soap to your garden, you can deter animals from your precious plants! The strong-smelling soap is unattractive to herbivores (like deer and raccoons) as well as insects.

Just cut up the soap, stuff them into socks (or other pieces of material) and staple them to your fence. You can also just add the socks to small begs around the garden to make it a little more discreet.

A great, pesticide-free way to keep your garden looking beautiful and full! No more free snacks for those critters hanging around!