Before You Eat Nutella, Make Sure You Know What's Really In It

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Before You Eat Nutella, Make Sure You Know What's Really In It

After it was discovered that Nutella could contain a carcinogenic ingredient, now a photo reveals what the Hazelnut spread ACTUALLY contains, and it's pretty shocking.

You'd be hard pressed to find a person who doesn't love Nutella. It's chocolate-hazelnut taste is just...well it's too damn delicious for my own good.

But now, like many others, I'm re-thinking my consumption of the yummy treat.

A user on the website Reddit posted an image of the proportions for each ingredient contained in Nutella. The spread boasts itself as a healthy part of a balanced breakfast, but this image exposes the real truth: it's about as healthy as a Pop-Tart covered in chocolate syrup.

For every two tablespoons of Nutella, there's 21 grams of sugar. 21 GRAMS!!! And two tablespoons isn't really that much. Remember, the heaping tablespoon you put on your toast is probably more like 4 tablespoons.

The American Heart Association recommends that women eat no more than 24g of added sugar in a day, while men should eat no more than 36g daily. So basically, if you have Nutella once a day, you're using up most of your added sugar allowance. You better be eating clean the rest of the day!

Will these findings change your Nutella habits? Or are you so far down the rabbit hole it doesn't even matter anymore? Let us know!

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