People Have Noticed Something Off About This Photo Of Melania

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People Have Noticed Something Off About This Photo Of Melania

Melania Trump has learned the hard way that the internet will dissect anything that you post if you are a person of interest. When she visited the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History on February 15th, people became fascinated with the photo she shared.

The photo shows her engaging in an exhibit, but in the background there is a man who has quickly become the real focus. Standing just behind Melania there is a man who appears to be giving her an exaggerated eye roll that was captured at just the right moment.

The picture has opened up discussions criticizing the President's relationship with the black community. His speech for Black History Month sparked some issues because he made some very important mistakes about Frederick Douglass and before that made controversial comments about Civil Rights icon John Lewis.

Twitter users have quickly turned this photo into a meme.

It's likely the man is a Secret Service agent because another photo shows that he is wearing an earpiece. He also could just be looking around the room, checking for threats.

People are upset that Melania was present while the President postponed his visit due to scheduling issues.

What do you think? Was he rolling his eyes at the First Lady or just looking around?

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