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A Neurological Condition Causes Seizures For People Who Listen To Hip Hop

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It's a terrible disorder to have to live with, but many people suffering from epilepsy do manage to find ways to adjust and live a relatively normal lifestyle. While many people associate rapidly moving visuals with triggers for seizures, it's not the only way that these symptoms can occur.

Anyone can develop epilepsy during their lifetime and there are many different ways it can begin. For some people, it appears that music and other sounds can cause them to start seizing, and it can even be particular to a certain genre, or particular song.

Musicogenic epilepsy is a very rare form of the disorder, and while its triggers were previously thought to be coincidental, now healthcare professionals have reason to believe all sorts of related musical sensations can have a particular effect on those with the condition.

While testing is more successful now, these people had to find out their diagnosis in very strange ways!

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