New Perspectives

What You See First Reveals How Your Subconscious Wants You To Act

Everyone presents themselves to the world in a certain way. Whether they are super tough, extremely sweet, or a free spirit, there is always a specific way that we express ourselves to the general public. But then there is who we really are, the personality we reveal only to our nearest and dearest friends, or even just to ourselves.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to show itself, and help you show who you really are. One way that it does this is by making you notice certain things first. The images you see and the parts of it that you notice first can reveal a lot about who you are. Let's see what your subconscious is trying to tell you!

Take a look at this image, and make sure you focus on the first part you notice.

Did you pick out what you saw first? Here's what it means.

The Owl

The baby owl on the far left represents your passion for inner reflection. While you present yourself as this fun-loving, open, and loud person, you actually take a great deal of pleasure from quiet introspection and need time to focus on yourself. Your subconscious wants you to spend more time alone and focus on centering yourself.

The Tiger

You have struggled in your life with a lot, but you are stronger than anyone knows. You hate when people look at you like you should be pitied because you know that you are more powerful than anyone gives you credit for. Your subconscious would like you to stand up for yourself more in front of others, instead of letting them walk all over you.

The Cobra

You are shy when it comes to speaking up, but it doesn't mean you aren't worthy of respect. You can't let people tell you what you're worth, and your subconscious believes that you need to start believing in yourself more.

The Wolf

You are highly guarded and people can tell this, but what they don't see is that it is mostly a ruse. You form strong personal attachments, but hide your feelings to try to protect yourself. Your subconscious wants you to open up more, and let the people you care for know how you feel.

Those aren't the only animals in the image, but what do the others reveal...

The Bat

You have a high level of attention when it comes to details, even when it comes to emotions. You are perceptive to those around you are often the first to notice something is wrong, but you don't always speak up. Your subconscious would like you to be more vocal about your thoughts because you are often right.

The Lion

You are a passionate person and you have a tendency to go in to situations roaring. Your anger takes up a large amount of your focus at any given time, and while you shouldn't apologize for feeling these emotions, your subconscious wants you to try and focus your thoughts onto the things you are truly passionate about.

The Puppy

You are a devoted and loyal person who many people think of as excessively organized. The thing is, your subconscious understands that you need some time to let go and be free. Try to give yourself the freedom to play around and it will help you feel more at ease.

What did you see first?