Do You Have A Medical Phobia and Not Even Know It?

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Do You Have A Medical Phobia and Not Even Know It?

Even the bravest of us have something that we're afraid of. You might be able to stare down a spider, but how do you feel about public speaking? Mice may not bother you at all, but what if you had to call your mother-in-law? Funny or not these are very real, very relatable phobias that someone has, and maybe you have just a bit of too.

1. Rhytiphobia


Anyone north of 30 knows this fear. It's the phobia of getting wrinkles! Many of us spend a lot of our morning getting ready, staring into our mirrors scanning our faces for any change. Now you know it's not vanity, it's just a fear!

2. Nomophobia

Cell Phone Anxiety

This one is probably one of the newer phobias on the list, but it's one we all have to some extent. The fear of being without your cell phone grabs all of us, whether it's in the form of a frantic patting down of the bed sheets or a compulsive checking of the pockets or purse. Nomophobia strikes deep within all of us.

3. Peladophobia

Going Bald
Griffin Center

This one is much more common in men than women, but women aren't immune to a fear of going bald. Some normal shedding is common, but do you start to worry when you see a few more hairs than normal in the sink? You might have Peladophobia.

4. Mysophobia

Men's Health

This is a phobia you definitely know about, but you probably were calling it by a different (and incorrect) name: germophobia. The fear of germs or being dirty goes by the much less appropriate name of "mysophobia".

5. Testophobia


Here's a name that actually does make sense. Testophobia is, you guessed it, a fear of taking tests. Most of us experience a bit of anxiety when we sit down to show our stuff, but for some of us tests are the stuff of nightmares.

6. Textophobia

Cotton Balls
Good Housekeeping

Do you have a specific fabric that you just can't stand? The scratchiness of wool, or the weird smoothness of rayon. Most of us have preferences, but textophobia is the strong aversion to certain fabrics. (Full disclosure: for me it's cotton balls.)

So next time you think you have a quirk just remember, you might actually be suffering from a phobia.

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