There's A Piercing That Could Possibly Put An End To Your Crippling Migraines

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For as long as most of us could remember, people have gotten different parts of their bodies pierced as a way to express themselves.

Some do it for aesthetics, as a rite of passage, a sign of rebellion, or even as part of a long-standing cultural tradition.

Over the last few years, non-traditional piercings in places like the septum, helix, tragus, and daith have certainly become a lot more trendy, but not everyone is opting to get them because of aesthetic reasons.

People are actually getting another part of their ears pierced to get relief from the debilitating pain of a migraine.

While there aren't clinical studies to back up their claims, the daith piercing is believed to bring relief the same way other needle-based treatments do.

"The idea behind daith piercings is probably similar to the effect of acupuncture,” says Dr. Alexander Mauskop, the director and founder of the New York Headache Center. “Acupuncture does help headaches when certified acupuncturists stick needles into the ear.”

According to numerous testimonials from people who have suffered from migraines, the increasingly popular piercing has either completely gotten rid of their headaches or at least significantly reduced the pain and frequency.

How does it work exactly?

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