Watch: Pink Admits She Slashed Her Husband's Tires To Ellen In Hilarious Game

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Watch: Pink Admits She Slashed Her Husband's Tires To Ellen In Hilarious Game

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Every married person likes to fantasize about getting revenge on their spouse for their annoying habits, especially during the nerve-racking holidays.

But only someone as bold as Pink would actually go ahead and do it.

The "Just Give Me A Reason" singer joined talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for a game of Burning Questions, and spilled the beans about her embarrassing act of vengeance against her husband, former motocross racer Carey Hart.

Pink had revealed how she embarrasses her daughter Willow ("Wake up in the morning") and who was her first celebrity crush ("Brooke Shields.")

But when DeGeneres asked, "What's the dumbest way you've hurt yourself?" Pink had a doozy of an answer.

"Slashing tires," she said, before revealing that they were the tires on her husband's truck.

DeGeneres was completely stunned, but burst out laughing as Pink revealed spending Thanksgiving with family had inspired the act of vandalism.

"Holidays are stressful!" she explained.

Sadly, Pink didn't get to enjoy her revenge as it quickly backfired on her. She stabbed "clean through" the first tire, before slipping and cutting herself while hacking at the second.

Pink Carey Hart
Pink recently celebrated 13 years of marriage with Hart.Pink - Instagram

"He has a raised F-250 and those tires are very thick, thank you very much," Pink told the audience. "I hit the metal part and my hand just went straight down the knife."

While the singer needed 13 stitches for the injury, she bragged about not needing any anesthesia. "I couldn't feel a thing."

Despite the surprising confession, it seems things are all good between Pink and Hart, who recently marked their 13th wedding anniversary.

During the game, Pink also dished on the most outrageous rumor she ever heard about herself: that she had been oil wrestling in a Louisiana bar and lost.

Pink Ellen
Pink teased her eighth studio album, which is releasing later this year.Michael Rozman - Warner Bros.

"I was fine with the rumor until it said I lost," she joked. "I would not have lost."

The singer's appearance on Ellen, which came just after her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, also included good news for her fans. Pink has a new album, called Hurts to Be Human, on the way in April, and the first single drops later this month.

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Have you ever pranked your spouse to get revenge, like Pink did?

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