Pinterest & Reddit as Additional Sources of Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest & Reddit as Additional Sources of Traffic to Your Website

Erik Mclean @introspectivedsgn

To attract traffic to a website, marketers and business owners resort to numerous strategies and approaches, both paid and free. When it comes to paid options, they require more investments and fewer efforts. While the so-called free promotional tools are the mechanisms you need to invest a lot of time and work in. Among the others, Pinterest and Reddit are platforms that can help you attract a considerable volume of traffic. Find out more about these tools and how to make use of them.

Pinterest & Its Raising Popularity

Statistically, the number of active users of this network is continuously increasing. In the USA, it follows Facebook and Instagram. Being a third-popular platform, working out a Pinterest strategy will help business owners attract more traffic, hence, increase sales. If you are wondering if it is worth it for you to create a business account and make content for Pinterest, the only thing you need to consider is the visual attractiveness of your product or service. Thus, anything that you can nicely shoot, you can promote on Pinterest. It is a social network people use for inspiration, as opposed to Google that users need to make a purchase.

What About Reddit?

In the USA, this is a fifth-popular platform. It is a forum well-known by every American. In the world, it is less popular. However, the number of active users of Reddit is continuing to grow. Hence, developing an SEO Reddit strategy will come in handy.

How to Promote on Pinterest & Reddit?

It is possible to define two main approaches roughly:

  • Qualitative: this approach implies the creation of high-quality content for a chosen platform or both. You need to define the style in which you will post pins. Since Pinterest is a social network for images, high-quality pictures, infographics, stylish captions work well here. Content with a caption works better in principle. You will also need to write catchy content for the Reddit forum. Since Reddit content is well-indexed, it is easy to find topics on Google;
  • Quantitative: as the name suggests, you need to post a lot of pins on at least a dozen accounts you need to create and link to your website. It is a so-called gray scheme. However, it will work. When it comes to Reddit, Google and copy-paste work well: the fact is that on this network, users often ask questions on any topic. There are even separate subreddits for such issues and answers. You can search for the most recent topics with questions but without answers yet. Further, you can copy the text of this question, enter it into the Google search box, receive a response, and copy it into the subreddit. It helps build karma quickly and easily.

Final Say

All in all, these two social networks have already gained their recognition in the USA. Their popularity in the world will undeniably increase. Thus, utilize these platforms for effective promotion of your website and attraction of traffic to it.

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