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Circus Replaces Elephants With Pit Bulls And The Results Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

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Jeff Jenkins

Goodbye elephants, lions, and tigers, because a Chicago couple is using a new animal as the poster child of their family circus.

If you take in a show of Midnight Circus in the Parks, you'll be delighted to see the entertaining styles of two rescue pit bulls full of animation and skill.

Jeff Jenkins and his wife Julie founded Midnight Circus in the Park in 2006, as a way to raise money for the city's parks department. The performers always had a love for pit bulls, a breed that's often mistreated and in need of rehabilitation, and decided to add their rescue pup, Lola to the lineup. She was a natural.

"My wife and I had been doing Midnight Circus in its first iteration for a few years when we adopted her, and Lola was naturally a part of the show," Jenkins told PEOPLE. "Not every performer was for everybody, but every audience member loved that dog."

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