First Person To Give Birth After Super Bowl Kickoff Will Get Free Pizza Hut For A Year

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First Person To Give Birth After Super Bowl Kickoff Will Get Free Pizza Hut For A Year

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While millions of people will be glued to their TV screens on Sunday to watch the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams square off in Atlanta for the 53rd Super Bowl, many parents will be rushing to a hospital to welcome a new baby.

Since it's not exactly fair that they'll be missing out one of the biggest events of the year, Pizza Hut is making sure at least one family will be rewarded in a major way.

This week, the pizza chain announced that they're going to be giving away free pizza for a year plus a pair of tickets to next year's big game to the first person to give birth after kickoff.

Since it'll be hard to keep track of all the birth times, Pizza Hut is asking parents who want to participate in the giveaway to take to social media.

All you'll need to do is announce the baby's arrival on Twitter with "a photo [of your freshly baked baby] (including exact time of birth), tag @PizzaHut in the post and use the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion."

In case you weren't aware, kick-off time is at 6:30 p.m., so you can only enter the contest if your baby is born right after the game starts.

To all the competitive mom-to-be's out there, free pizza is great, but don't let it make you push harder than you should. Your baby's safe arrival is much better than free food.

For those in Los Angeles and Boston, even if you don't win the grand prize, Pizza Hut says they'll help "ease the FOMO [fear of missing out]" by bringing free "game day goodies directly to the families prepping for their big delivery, to ensure they get a little slice of the Super Bowl celebrations happening back at home."

"If there's one thing we're more passionate about than pizza and football, it's the family we get to enjoy it with," said Marianne Radley, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut. "Family celebrations and Pizza Hut have gone hand in hand for more than 60 years, so in our first year as the Official Pizza Sponsor at Super Bowl LIII, we wanted to show up for our fans who are in the unique position of expanding their family during the biggest NFL game of the year."

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