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Woman Asked To Switch Seats On Plane, Who She Ends Up Next To Changes Her Life

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There's nothing like hearing a heartwarming love story, but what if you get to see it unfold with your own two eyes?

When Texas actress Rosey Blair was flying back home with her boyfriend, she couldn't help but document the love story that was happening in front of her.

The story has gone viral, and it's going to be the most beautiful thing you read all day!

The Power of Fate

When Rosey and her boyfriend boarded their flight, they weren't assigned to sit together.

The actress asked a woman to swap seats with her so that she could sit next to her boyfriend.

When the woman agreed, Rosey jokingly said, "I hope she meets the love of her life." And that's exactly what happened.

Turns out, the guy is actually a former pro soccer player named Euan Holden.

Euan Holden Instagram

Rosey updated her followers on their every move after she noticed that they seemed to hit it off.

"Both look like sexy fitness buffs and they are chatting and smiling at each other and we haven't even left the runway!" Rosey wrote. "I hope they get to fall in love."

Here are a few more snaps from the fated seat swap:


Some of her followers were even sending real time snaps:

Even Euan had something to say about his flight.

But not everyone was a fan of what Rosey did...

What's your take on this? Was Rosey in the wrong for keeping us updated about this love story?

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