Police Are Warning Parents About Drug Laced Candy Making Its Way Into Schools

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Police Are Warning Parents About Drug Laced Candy Making Its Way Into Schools

As if there aren't enough things for parents to worry about these days, students at a Chicago high school were rushed to the hospital after consuming gummy bears allegedly laced with marijuana.

"This candy made those students both uncomfortable and sick," according to a statement from the Naperville School District.

14 students were sent to get treatment, where it was determined the most likely cause of the illness was gummy bears "laced with something marijuana, like a liquid-based marijuana substance."


"I think everyone was pretty shocked that something like this, y'know, happened today," said student Chris Kohley. "I don't know if this was an inside thing or if this was a trickery thing."

According to Naperville Police, one student was taken into custody and questioned about the incident. He has since been released. But police are still trying to determine how many of these kids knew they were taking a laced product and how many were tricked into doing so.

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This is not the first time that common candies have been laced with drugs. Police in Montreal confiscated similar products from individuals.

"Even knowing that the jujubes contain drugs, their inoffensive appearance trivializes drug consumption and addiction among youth," said Dany Gagnon of Laval's criminal investigation division.

Police from both incidents are urging parents and students alike to be wary of what drugs are coming in and out of their schools and to report any suspicious activities to police.

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