Police Officer In President Trump's Motorcade Crashes, But The President Gives Him A Special Surprise

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Police Officer In President Trump's Motorcade Crashes, But The President Gives Him A Special Surprise

A routine trip to the airport took a scary turn earlier this week when a motorcycle officer in President Trump's motorcade crashed.

On Wednesday, President Trump and his security detail were driving down Interstate 70 in Indianapolis when Officer Robert Turner crashed. Details of the incident are scarce, but the officer was spotted "injured but moving" by reporters in a press van following the motorcade.

Turner's motorcycle could also be seen flipped onto its side in the middle of the road. Because of security reasons, the motorcade could not stop to help Turner, which meant the officer was stranded on the road until emergency responders arrived to help him.

When he reached the airport, President Trump was seen speaking with other motorcycle officers, and he must have been asking if Turner was alright. As we later found out, the president stopped Air Force One from taking off until he could do something special for the officer...

President Trump personally called Officer Turner to ask about his condition, and another police officer captured the special call on video.

Officer Turner could be seen wearing a neck brace, and reports say that he had an injured ankle, but the call from President Trump must have cheered him up. In the video, Turner is seen laughing and answering the president's questions about his injuries.

The Indianapolis police department later thanked the president for his moving gesture.

"On behalf of the IMPD, we would like to take an opportunity to thank President Donald J. Trump for his thoughtful act in delaying his departure in Air Force One until he was assured that the injured officer in the motorcade accident was ok," they said in a statement.

President Trump at his speech in Indiana.Indiana Public Media

Trump was in the city to announce his plans for tax reform.

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