Police Officer Goes Viral Because He Has The "Best Name Ever"


Police officers put everything on the line to protect their communities. They spend hours away from their families, risking life and limb while frequently being the target of criticism or even violence.

It's the same story the world over, not just here at home. In The UK their police face many of the same problem that ours do and one brave officer was interviewed on TV about the plight of budget cuts.

His interview got noticed, but it probably didn't have the reaction he was hoping for.

When Officer Banks of the Avon & Somerset Police force agreed to be interviewed by ITV News West Country, he couldn't have thought his name would soon go international. He took to the air to describe his force as "being at a breaking point" due to budget cuts. Meanwhile his name was breaking the internet.

You have to admit, if you're supposed to listen to what policemen say it's going to be hard to take Officer Rob Banks seriously.

It sounds like the name of a cartoon villain.

One Twitter user probably gave us a glimpse into what life was like for the poor copper.

At least he wasn't alone though as someone tweeted him in solidarity.

There were multiple tweets pointing out the hilarious name with at least two being retweeted over 20,000 time each.

The lighthearted teasing might take away from the serious message. Banks had said he considered quitting the force as the million dollar budget cuts have made life more dangerous for cops and citizens.

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