Genius Kids Form A Human Arrow To Help Catch Robbers [Video]

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Genius Kids Form A Human Arrow To Help Catch Robbers [Video]

A group of school kids on an Easter egg hunt in Surrey, England last year got more than they bargained for when they found themselves in the middle of a manhunt.

The kids were in a farmer's field when two men tried to break into a nearby building. A police helicopter started circling overhead to track them down, and rather than just enjoy the show the kids got involved.

Lying down in the field, the class made a human arrow pointing the way to the suspects.

The helicopter crew spotted their signal and passed the information on to officers below, and they caught the burglars in no time.

In a statement, Seargeant Paul Sochon said that "the initiative they demonstrated proved to be invaluable," and added that "their ingenuity proved a great help for our crews."

As an extra thank-you, the police helicopter landed nearby and the officers shared chocolates with the kids.

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