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Pope Francis Performs Wedding Ceremony On Plane For First Time In History

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Avvenire / Inside The Vatican

A couple's wedding day is one of the most magical moments in their lifetime. It marks the end of one chapter, and reveals the promise and magic that a future full of shared memories has to offer.

For some, it happens at a church, or a local landmark that means something to them both. However, for two young partners flying over South America, it was a moment, and place, that neither of them would ever forget!

Two flight attendants found themselves in the history books after a spontaneous offer by Pope Francis became reality.

While Francis was flying between cities in Chile, he got to talking to the two attendants serving the passengers.

Paula Podest and Carlos Ciuffardi work together on the same airline, and have been in a civil union for years. They tried to marry back in 2010, but an earthquake disrupted their plans, and it seemed like they would never get around to having their special day.

When his Holiness found out about this, he knew there was no need for a miracle to give this couple what they needed.

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