Popping A Pimple In The "Danger Triangle" Of Your Face Could Potentially Kill You

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Popping A Pimple In The "Danger Triangle" Of Your Face Could Potentially Kill You


Even if you find it disgusting, you have definitely popped a pimple before. It's definitely not looked at as the best way to treat a blemish, but sometimes it needs to happen, and if it's at the right time, it may even help it heal quicker.

If you pop a pimple before it's ready, or over-do it, it could get worse or become more irritated and red. Although we all know the consequences of popping a pimple too much, or too soon, sometimes it's just way too hard to leave alone. I don't know why there's something in our minds that tells us that constantly touching it will make it go away faster, because we all know it doesn't.

Usually the worst thing that could happen when we pop a pimple is annoying redness and maybe an infection if we're really unlucky, but there is a spot on your face where you should never pop a pimple.

The "danger triangle" is the area from your upper lip, to the bridge of your nose. In the triangle includes, the bridge of your nose, the corners of your mouth and upper lip. If these areas are exposed to infection from a zit, it could cause some serious consequences.

Although you can experience an infection on any area of your face from popping a pimple, this is one area you'll want to avoid. The blood vessels in this area are connected to the back of your head, and are a direct line to your brain.

This means that any infections you get in this area could be transferred right to your brain and affect your nerve center.

It is incredibly rare, but it's possible that this type of infection leading to your brain could result in death.

Popping zits is very satisfying, but it isn't satisfying when you're dead from it. Avoid popping pimples in the danger triangle and if you do decide to pop them anyway and get an infection, see your doctor.

If this has scared you beyond belief, here's how to pop a pimple the right way, to avoid infections.

1. Only pop a pimple when it has a soft white head.

2. Wash your face and wash your hands.

3. Get a needles used for sewing.

4. Sterilize the needle with a light or rubbing alcohol.

5. Put rubbing alcohol on your pimple.

6. Gently pierce the pimple with the needle.

7. Create a small tear in the pimple to let the puss drain out.

8. Gently push down on the sides of the pimple.

9. Wipe any fluid away.

10. Dab your popped pimple with rubbing alcohol.

Practice safe popping and don't pop a pimple when it's not ready.