Porshe Just Gave Every Employee The Same Bonus

Porsche just celebrated the best year in their company's history, that usually means a big bonus for the fancy suits that sit at the big desks. Not this time. Porsche has done something different, and will be awarding the same bonus to every single employee. Senior staff get the same bonus as the cafeteria workers.

The bonus isn't small either, it's €9,111, or about $9,822 US.

The seemingly odd number is a call-out to the Porsche 911, one of their sportier models.

This isn't the first time the automaker has done it either. Last year was the previous best year and they awarded bonuses of €8,911 to every employee.


Maybe I should think about switching careers.

Porsche is owned by the VW Group, which has a lot of manufacturers under its umbrellas. Uwe Huck, Chair of the Group Works Council negotiated the bonuses for Porsche employees but said it wasn't easy.

"In the end no one in our large VW family received anywhere near as large a bonus as our employees at Porsche."


Hopefully other big companies will continue this trend, because $10,000 means a lot more to the lower levels than $10,000 means to the top brass.

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