Mom Cancels Baby Shower After Family Pokes Fun At Child's Name

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Pregnant Woman Cancels Baby Shower After Family Pokes Fun At Child's Name


Choosing a name for your child is at the top of the list of tough but important decisions you will make after finding out you are expecting.

New parents spend a lot of time looking in so many different places for inspiration that will help them come up with the perfect moniker.

While some people turn to celebrities and pop culture, others look to their family tree for unique name options.

"Why name your baby boring and over-used names... when you can name it something special."

One mom-to-be recently decided to name her son Squire Sebastian Senator because she apparently comes from "a long lasting family of both squires and senators," and she wanted to honor that.

"If you look back at our family tree, the survival of this clan is literally rooted in squiredom," she continued. "We are all related to senators too."

The unidentified woman then explained that she did not want to give her son one of those "boring and over-used names like Joshua, Brian, Sam, Nick...etc when you can name it something special." She claimed that her son's name conveys "power," "wealth," and success."

However, not everyone agrees with her about this and it has created some tension within her family.

"How can you judge an unborn child?? What is wrong with you??"

Squire Sebastian Senator's mom (yes, that's just his first name. No, he will not be allowed to have a nickname) revealed that her loved ones haven't been supportive about the moniker she picked, and "have been talking s**t" about her unborn child.

"How can you judge an unborn child?? What is wrong with you??" she wrote in a post on Facebook.

The rift caused by the mom's controversial name choice has gotten so bad that she had to cancel the baby shower and instead host a "smaller, more inclusive party" with people who will not judge her.

She claimed that her family and friends have treated her like "total s**t" since she announced her baby's name. "They've spread rumors and lies about my child. No, I am not crazy. No, I am not mentally unstable. No, I was not drunk when I named my child," she added.

"You cannot force me to change his name. This is the name I was meant to give him," the angry expecting mom declared. She assured her loved ones that Squire Sebastian Senator "will live a powerful wholesome life" and that his "confidence will not diminish simply because his name is out of the ordinary."

Sadly, the baby shower isn't the only thing the family is being cut out of. The woman proclaimed that they "won't get to be a part of my baby's life and it's all because you had to judge him."

Social media reactions

The post has since gone viral, and people on social media seem to be siding with the woman's family.

Many have pointed out that no one is making fun of her unborn baby, they're just concerned about the child growing up with a name like his.

"He's the first kid ever to come home from school with the nickname "˜Stinky' and be happy about it," wrote one Reddit user. Another chimed in: "I'll say the same thing I tell any friend who gets pregnant: before you settle on a name, imagine growing up with it yourself."

The controversy surrounding Squire Sebastian Senator's moniker comes just a few weeks after a mother alleged that a Southwest Airlines gate agent laughed at her daughter's name, Abcde - pronounced "Ab-si-dee."  

What do you think of the name Squire Sebastian Senator?

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