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What Does President Trump's "Nuclear Button" Actually Look Like?

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AFP / Business Insider

A tense pair of back and forth messages had everyone on edge this week, but also raised a lot of questions.

In a New Year's speech, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un warned President Trump about the power of his country's military, including their nuclear weapons. He included a warning that "a nuclear button is always on the desk of my office." But the president didn't back down from the threat.

In a tweet, the president bragged that he had his own "Nuclear Button," and that his was much bigger. The message left many Americans wondering if there really was a button to launch nuclear weapons sitting on the president's desk.

There isn't. But that doesn't mean the president isn't prepared to launch a nuclear attack at any time.

The nuclear Football.EPA

Instead of a button, launching such an attack would involve a Football and a Biscuit.

The Football is a briefcase that follows the president 24/7, carried by a military aide. The designated briefcase holder follows the president everywhere, including into any elevators, in case they get stuck.

If the president needs to launch a nuclear strike, he would start by opening the Football. But he won't find any buttons inside.

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