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"Price Is Right" Contestant Pulls Move That Stuns The Audience And Drew Carey

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Kevin was playing the game "Let 'Em Roll", where you're given six different dice, each with either a dollar amount or picture of a car on each side. The point of the game is to roll five cars in three chances. It's kind of like Yahtzee, but instead of family bragging rights you get a Nissan Versa.

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When Kevin rolled his first chance, he managed to land four cars, along with a $1,500 face. It was a pretty lucky roll, considering he had two more chances to roll just one car and then he'd win the grand prize. But Kevin must owe someone a lot of money, because instead of getting excited and taking his chances, the contestant called it quits. He chose to take the $1,500 and end the game.

“You don’t want to roll that one to try and win the car?” Carey asked.

“No, I’ll take the $1,500,” Kevin responded. “I love The Price is Right! Wooooooooooo.”


Carey, and the audience, were stunned. In theory, Kevin made the right choice. He guaranteed himself $1,500 and avoided paying taxes and other fees on a brand new car. But for lifelong fans of the Price Is Right, they couldn't believe their eyes.

"As a woman who has dressed up as a giant dice and turned down 1800 dollars because she had a 2/3 chance of winning a car or trip to Costa Rica on Let’s Make a Deal, I’m going to say this was smart," wrote Allison Sanchez. "But as a lady dressed up as a fairy said sadly as we left the studio. “Maybe I shouldn’t have picked the mystery box. But how do you not, you know? How do you not pick the mystery box?”"

What do you think of Kevin's choice?

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