Prince Philip Was Unhurt In His Car Crash, But His Trouble Might Just Be Beginning

When news broke last week that Prince Philip -- the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II -- had been involved in a dramatic car crash, many were concerned for his health. Royal watchers were relieved when they heard he had emerged unhurt, but it now appears that his troubles might be just beginning.

Philip was driving his Range Rover in the late afternoon on Jan 17, when his vehicle collided with a Kia crossover vehicle. Philip's SUV was pushed over onto its side and the Kia was also badly damaged. While Philip emerged shaken but unhurt, two of the passengers in the Kia were taken to hospital.

A 9-month old baby was also in the Kia, but thankfully was unhurt in the accident.

Emma Fairweather, one of the people hurt in the collision, says she's upset that the duke hasn't reached out to her.

"I don't think asking if someone is ok is accepting liability," she told Britain's ITV news channel.

Fairweather says she's been in contact with the Queen's Lady-in-Waiting, but expected to hear from Philip himself. There have been reports that Philip tried to initiate contact, but was advised not to.

The crash is still under investigation, although not much is expected to come out of it. One person who was near it when it happened said Philip muttered "I'm such a fool" as he stumbled from the wreckage.

Early reports seem to indicate that Philip was distracted or blinded by the low-hanging sun, so he didn't see the oncoming Kia as he turned into its path.

Fairweather was asked if Philip should be prosecuted if he was found to be at fault for the accident.

"There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life here or not. His treatment hasn't been the same as mine," she said.

While technically the royal could be charged with driving with undue care and attention, a lawyer familiar with British traffic laws says the sun is likely more to blame than the duke.

"If the sun was so low and right in your eyes, sometimes it's impossible to see, and that may well have been the case, and that would afford him a defense," lawyer Nick Freeman told The DailyMail.

While a criminal charge is unlikely, Fairweather says she's considering a civil suit. She mentioned she faces surgery if her broken wrist isn't successful set by doctors.

Philip retired from public life last year and has had numerous health issues since. He underwent an eye test shortly after the accident and passed. He was seen driving a new vehicle just says after the accident. It doesn't appear that he is at risk of losing his license due to the recent developments.

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