There's Another Property Brother And No, They're Not Triplets

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Fans of the Property Brothers obviously know that Drew and Jonathan or twins. It's kind of hard to NOT know that...

But recently, some information surfaced that stunned a lot of the HGTV series fans, and it has to do with their family.

As it turns out, there's a third Property Brother named J.D. Scott and it's basically blowing everyone's mind.

38-year-old J.D. hasn't been hidden, mind you. Long time fans knew have know about the third brother for a while. But anyone who has started watching the Scotts in the last few years was pretty shocked by the introduction of the older brother.


But just because they're not triplets, it doesn't mean J.D. isn't close with his brothers.

“There was always sibling rivalry but they build each other up, not tear each other down,” their mother, Joanne Scott, said.

So who is J.D. Scott?

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