Psychological Reasons Causing Sexual Problems

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Psychological Reasons Causing Sexual Problems

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All people are created equal, and this refers not only to their rights and opportunities. This also has to do with the human body as there is a wide range of factors influencing everyone. Specialists have long studied human anatomy in all possible ways and continue making groundbreaking discoveries. Why? The reason is that the human body still holds the cat in the bag, and there are many phenomena to be uncovered.

This is especially true for sex and sexual health problems as society considered them taboo for religious, moral, or social reasons. Although humanity has stepped into the 21st century, many still stick to being silent about issues they experience in bed. Male sexuality is stigmatized so that men have to excel in sexual performance, and when they do not, they feel ashamed. Female sexuality, on the other hand, has been photoshopped and presented only in one body shape and figure. However, the good news is that people started to challenge these boundaries, and now there are multiple options to discover sexuality and sexual health-related problems from different angles.

Sex and Psychology

However, one of the most important novelties that the recent centuries have introduced is psychology. It has always been around and in the people: yet it took millennia for scientists working with human consciousness and psyche to understand the intangible transformations in the brain. As Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, put it, the human consciousness is paired with the unconscious mind. The latter is so powerful that it directs the most important decisions that every person makes, even their bodys' choices.

Hence, when it comes to health-related problems, especially sexual, there is a need to understand what psychological phenomena are responsible for them. Human beings combine body, mind, and spirit, and they act in this trinity. When the rapport between these three elements is violated, a wide range of problems can arise.


In the post-pandemic world, everyone is recovering from stress in one way or another. The unexpected lockdown made people forget about everything they were used to and activate their survival instincts. The bottom line is that stress is the typical reaction that your body should have to any change or stressor that suddenly interrupts your zen. It helps you to react to psychological or physiological changes, but the rule of thumb is that you shouldn't let it take over you.

When stress becomes prevalent, it can indeed lead to issues around sex drive. Why? Because your body is coping with a more significant stressor, be it the virus outside or destructive thoughts inside. Of course, this type of situation could not help but affect sexual performance and desire. Imagine that sometimes men can lose their power to get and maintain an erection because of stressful thoughts about a business meeting tomorrow. If that can cause problems in bed, think about what long-time stress can do?!


In combination with stress, depression is famous all over the place, especially after situations that divide a person's life into before and after. Usually, depression occurs as a result of a chemical imbalance found in the brain. As the brain controls all the sexual reactions - releasing the necessary hormones or maintaining the level of arousal - it's no surprise that brain damage can affect sexual performance.

Although people are not keen on noticing the first signs of depression, blaming it on the weather and insufficient sleep, this psychological condition can have long-lasting effects if not treated. It is much more severe than stress and can result in abstaining not only from sex but from any communication overall. Also, if stress is short-term, people can overcome it themselves, but the same does not work with depression. It requires specialized help. When depressed, people experience problems with sleeping, eating, concentrating, and accumulating the necessary amount of energy. It is now evident that a person with depression is coping with severe symptoms, and the loss of sex drive is an expected side effect.

Relationship Problems

Sometimes, it is better to look at the picture overall, as the sexual health issues can come from simple human interactions. So it may not always be about stress and depression, but about anxiety, worry, fear, or frustration that a couple can experience. The cornerstone in person-to-person relationships is trust; when it is broken or shrunk, the couple must work more on regaining it. If sexual problems appear to upset one partner, the best thing would be to speak about it. Hiding or feeling insecure can lead to problems not only in bed but in the relationship overall.

When planning a long-term relationship with anyone, it is essential to think and discuss all the aspects of your life together. Both you and your partner should be aware of each other's preferences, regimes, routines, challenges, goals, etc. It is also vital to discuss how your sex life as a couple will progress. Are you willing to experiment? Do you know each other's sexual tastes? Do you share the same type of sexual constitution: strong, medium, or weak? These are vital questions, and getting their answers can save your relationship and sexual attraction.

What to Do?

When the causes are clear, the treatment becomes more effective. As you can see, mental health professionals could identify the linkage between psychological issues and sexual health problems. Every person or couple experiencing them is indeed lucky as there are now modern ways to overcome these issues. As the problem is physiological, but the underlying cause is psychological, many advanced clinicians advise pairing psychotherapy with visiting urologists.

While you may want to find a professional specializing in psychosexual issues for psychotherapy, you can also opt for shockwave therapy, like Gainswave, to treat the damaged sexual organ (s) or area (s). You can check it here. These two approaches together will entail the best result as you will make sure that your brain is synchronized with your body and your mental health is no longer at risk. Make sure to gird your loins, but also keep in mind that your happiness and health are only in your hands.

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