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Put This Popular Candy in Your Drink for a Fun Summer Cocktail!

Soon you'll be tasting the rainbow! These Smirnoff Ice Skittle Bombs are a fun way to add some fruity flavor to your favorite summer drinks.

They're so easy and quick to make...meaning you can have them whenever you have the urge for a spritzer. All you need are a package of Skittles and some bottles of Smirnoff Ice for this refreshing cocktail. You're going to love them!


  • 6 Smirnoff Ice Originals
  • 6 Flavors of Skittles


Sort your Skittles by flavor.

Drop 15-20 skittles into each Smirnoff Ice. The flavor and color will infuse quickly!

Enjoy right away or put in the freezer for a fruity, slushy treat. Enjoy!

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